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TIP: Start your own food and activity journal


Okay, so here’s my first tip:  start your own food and activity journal.  Here’s what I use:

I bought a thick chubby spiral notebook, a pencil, and some of those stick-on flag things.  These flags are great in that I can write on them with my pencil and erase and re-use them for something else.  Gotta love my beige desktop underneath.  Everything here at the office seems to be beige.  sigh.

The little chubby notebook is great because it’s small, but thick, and fits right in my purse so that I have access to it at work and at home.  It’s also small enough to sit on my desk at work and not get in the way.

So far, I’ve made the flags say:  symptoms, avoid these, tips, recipes.  Then the rest of the pages are for my journal entries.  I keep track of the date, as well as the time, that I make the entries so that I know how long it took after eating something for the syptoms to appear. 

You don’t have to do anything that complex.  Even just writing down what you’re eating, and how you’re feeling, along with the date is a really great start.  For many many years I read about people saying to keep a food journal, but I never did.  Not sure why.  Probably just seemed like more work than I had energy for.

Here’s are some example entries:

10:00am cooked and ate 1 egg with salt sprinkled on top.  Hard boiled. Leftover from last night.
11:00am  still tired and my lower back is sore.  Have a headache at temples.
12:00pm  ate rice cake (brown rice, sea salt) with cashew butter (cashews, sunflower oil).  Had leftover chicken breast (cooked in olive oil with salt and black pepper)
2:00pm  feeling cold and can’t stay awake at my desk.

You’ll get the hang of it as you go.  Tracking those symptoms and exactly what you’re eating is really important.

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