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and… the search for recipes continues


Because I’ve been avoiding dairy and gluten and whatnot over the years, I have a whole cupboard full of cookbooks for various allergies.  I grabbed a few and started looking through them for recipes I can try.  Not that one… not that one… not that one, either… I’m still waiting for the cookbook from Dr. Childers’ website to arrive.

I pulled out the one that is geared towards children who have many allergens.  I glanced through the recipes and didn’t find ANY recipes that didn’t have at least one nightshade in them.  Those poor kids!!

I’m thinking I’ll have to attempt to make my own stuffing (for the Christmas turkey) by scratch including baking bread.  I’m terrible at planning and am worried about the disaster it could be.  But, I love stuffing so much that I think I’m determined enough to give it a try.  So… do I make the bread tomorrow, the broth on Friday, and then the whole dinner on Saturday?  Or, do I make the broth tomorrow and the bread on Friday? 

What else do I serve?  My significant other won’t eat a cooked vegetable unless it’s green beans from a can.  Well, at least he’s easy to please.

I’m also contemplating making my own italian sausage since all of the sausages at the store have paprika, or some sort of peppers, in them.  This would require investing in a meat grinder, though.  I think I need to start with an investment in a decent stand mixer.  The last stand mixer that I had died, so I’ve been using a hand one – which is really heavy after a while when you’re suffering from fatigue.  ugh

And, no more ham or bacon??  argh.  Unless there’s some fancy-schmancy place that I can order online that doesn’t contain potato or spices I can’t have.

I’ve also discovered that long fingernails are not a plus when cooking more than just reheating something.  I’ll have to trim them down shorter for sure.

Here ends today’s random thoughts  :-)

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