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Chronic fatigue


I want to document my chronic fatigue not only so that I can look back (if the diet works) and say “wow, I can’t believe that was me!” but also in case there are others with the same symptoms who might benefit from the diet.

Where to start… hmm… I have NEVER been a morning person.  I typically felt queasy in the mornings and didn’t want to talk or see anyone until I’ve settled for a while.  I call that my “withdrawing from society” symptom.  I’ll post about that separately.  I absolutely hated getting up as it always felt like I had just finally gotten to sleep and then had to get up.  Not being able to get to sleep at night made it worse.  I was getting more and more tired as the years went on. 

The older I’ve gotten, the worse my fatigue had gotten.  I was even at a point in my life where just turning my head in bed to look at the clock was too much energy than I had.  I could no longer get up and go to work in the morning.  My whole body felt like it just didn’t have the will to move.  I wasn’t really depressed, just felt like the bed was on top of me instead of the other way around.  Not only that, but I couldn’t get to sleep at night.  I had completely switched my nights and days and it kept pushing forward because I still had trouble getting to sleep but couldn’t get up.  I lost my job.  My car was repossessed.  I went bankrupt.  Doctors said I was fine.  Seemed like others thought I was just lazy.  I wished that I could let them feel how I did so that they would understand.

Being stuck at home without an automobile, and funds being tight, highly limited what I had to eat.  I started living on chicken breasts over white rice with broccoli and green onions.  I inadvertently cut out a large portion of the nightshades I was consuming.  Unfortunately, I was still using a spice on the chicken that was heavy with paprika and red peppers.  But, I started to get better and was feeling really good for while, then I got pregnant.  eek!  Luckily, I had some consulting I was doing from home that had started to bring a little cash in.  But, the pregnancy made me go off of mychicken and rice diet – at the end I was eating the french fries from Dairy Queen like a starving person.  I was still functional enough to do my remote consulting, though. 

I eventually went back to work full time outside of the house.  Diet was terrible because of the eating out and other foods I was eating.  I’ve been working here for almost 5 years now, but my sickvacation time gets used up by my being sick or my not being able to get out of bed.  Not good as I do NOT want to end up losing another job.  How embarrassing and disastrous to the finances.

Out of the blue, I decided to put myself on the Paleo Diet.  Nothing else was really helping the fatigue, so what the heck, right?  I think I inadvertently cut out a lot of nightshades again because I stopped eating out at asian restaurants (my favorite) and other restaurants.  Plus, the diet does not allow potatoes.  I started feeling better, but not 100%.  Then, I had a bad day.  Other people were eating foods that I wanted.  The addiction kicked in full force.  I fell off the wagon big time.  And stayed off the wagon.  My knee then swelled up so bad that I needed crutches.  And, boy, are crutches hard to use when you have chronic fatigue, are overweight, and can’t lift your own body weight!  It was embarrassing to have my significant other lift me in and out of the shower and to standing at the top of the stairs after I shuffled my way up on my bottom.   My workplace was also threatening that I had to come back to work or take short term leave (unpaid of course) because they wouldn’t allow me to work from home.  They would rather I take leave than work from home even though I can do my job just fine from there - go figure.

So, I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon, had my knee drained, and was given a cortisone shot.  Was able to go back to work but still on crutches for a while.

The fatigue has affected all areas of my life… I don’t play with my daughter.  I don’t walk around the building with others at work.  The most exercise I get is going to the grocery store and I’m so tired afterwards that putting groceries away is hard. Cleaning the house is impossible.  If my significant other didn’t put away the dishes, take out the garbage, and all the other things he’s taken over since this hit me my house would be condemned or something.

I think I’ve babbled enough, so here’s hoping the diet works so that I can move again!

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