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Do you sit in front of a computer all day at work? Look at the Flow program


Every time I went to see my Chiropractor he would tell me that I HAVE to just get up and move every so often.  I work 8 hours a day+ and sit in front of a computer the entire time except for breaks and lunch.  Actually, I sit at my desk and eat my lunch, so I sit then, too.  So, what does a completely sedentary person do?

Well, enter the Flow exercise program for Windows/Mac computers.  Although, if you work in a corporation, it’s very likely that you do not have the computer permissions to install this program on your computer.  I’m in our IT department at work, and am an administrator of my PC, so I can do this.  Once you install this program, you can set it to interrupt you every 15 minutes, hour, two hours, etc.  I set mine to interrupt me every one hour.  The first time in the morning, it starts off with a few minute video of stretches to do.  Every hour, it will interrupt you and ask if you want to do the exercise video or skip it.  If you skip it 4 times in a row, you’ll get a little video where the instructor complains at you.  I usually don’t have my headphones on when that comes up, so I’m not sure what she’s saying.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not fit enough to do a whole lot.  You’ll very likely not be able to do all of the exercises (I can’t do them all, either).  Just think of it as something to work up to.  Is all you can do just the stretches?  Then, just do that for now.  Anything is better than what you’re doing now, right?  I have days where all I have the energy for are the stretches once at the beginning of the day and that’s it.  I’m doing better, though, so it’s good.  I also skip the exercises that put pressure on my knees or I modify it and do something else that doesn’t require my knees.

The hard part is someone walking by or into your cube while you’re in some weird stretching position or something.  That’s a bit embarrassing.  My manager tends to come by when I’m doing a video.  D’oh!  I told him it was better than taking up smoking – the guy next to me takes quite a few smoke breaks during the day, so I figure if I stop and stretch (or whatever) it’s okay.  I have to get better or else I’ll miss more work.

Tips:  You’ll need something to sit on that does NOT roll.  If you sit in a cube, you probably have a chair with wheels.  I have a little ottoman that I keep under my desk that I drag out every time I do the exercises.  You’ll also want a set of headphones so that you can hear the music and exercise narrative that goes along with the video.

Also, it’s a bit glitchy on a Windows 7, 64 bit platform.  I was able to install Flash Square Beta and it works enough to use.

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