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RECIPE: Meatloaf, a basic recipe (nightshade free)


Here’s a very basic meatloaf recipe that you can use as-is or as a base and then add what you think would be tasty.

2 pounds ground beef
1 egg
1/3 cup rolled oats
handful of chopped white onion
salt (to taste)
black pepper (to taste)

Tools you’ll need:
One big mixing bowl
1 bread loaf pan
knife and cutting board for chopping the onion

Oops, I forgot to include the onions in the photo, so here they are  :-)

- Start the oven to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
- Get yourself a big mixing bowl so that you have room to get in there and mix it all up with your hands (I find using my hands makes it easier – slimy, but easier).
- Put the two 4 ingredients into the bowl.
- Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the top.

- Get your hands in there and mix it up.  Try not to squeeze it too much, it might get tough.

- Push the mixed up ingredients into the bread loaf pan.| Hmm.. it’s hard to take a photo when your hand is stuck in ground beef.  hahahaha

- optional:  I like to make little gutters along the sides of the meatloaf.  This gives the grease a place to go without ooozing over the top edges of the pan when it cooks.   I used a spatula here, but you could easily just use your fingers.

- Put the pan into the oven and cook for about 2 hours.

That’s it!  Feel free to add whatever spices you would like, but this is what I typically stick to.

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