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The “Joey Tribbiani” food syndrome (addiction, insanity)


If you’ve ever watched the TV series called “Friends” you’ll recall a character named “Joey Tribbiani”.  I think of my food issues just like his are portrayed.  He’ll eat just about anything and God forbid you get anywhere near his plate.  He does NOT share his food, ever.  He would even carry a fork in his coat pocket just in case he ran across some food he could eat.

My food issues were just like that:

  • Never full.  I could eat 4 orders of 6 potstickers from Noodles & Company and still be hungry for more afterwards.
  • When I get a food in my mind, I can’t let it go until I go buy and eat it.  I HAVE to have it.  There’s no stopping me.
  • What I see on my plate doesn’t look like enough food.  I need it completely full or else I might starve.
  • Don’t ever take my food, I don’t share. 
  • Don’t leave your food where I can see it.  That bag of Ho-Hos?  You leave it where I can see it and I’ll eat it.  I don’t care if it’s yours, and that it’s wrong to take it from you, but if I see it I WILL eat it.  So, put it out of sight.  (I tell my step-kids this all the time)

Now that I’m a little into the diet, my appetite has gone waaay down.  I can’t believe that a few shrimp and a little rice makes me full.  I never understood my ex-husband’s view of food…  to him, the only reason he ate is because he would die if he didn’t.  I used to hide candy bars under the couch and eat them while he was at work.  I wonder if I left any there when I left?  I suppose there’s some humor in that, if you look at it the right way.

I kind of understand that now, though.  Even my significant other said that he couldn’t believe how much food I could pile on my plate.  I had much larger portions than him and I used to cook huge amounts of food in big pots.

Do you think you have a food addition?  Then you probably do.  I think of this like a nicotine/smoking addition.  Ever try to take away someone’s cigarettes?  Just try it and see what happens then you’ll see what it’s like.

I’m happy to say that this has pretty much disappeared for me.  I do have days where I would love to eat some spaghetti sauce or some takeout food.  But, I’ve been good so far in avoiding it.  yay for me!

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