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TIP: Watch out for “Shellac Wax” on fruits and veggies


For those of you super sensitive to nightshades, watch out for Shellac Wax.  Shellac Wax comes from the secretions of the Lac Beetle (aka Laccifer Bacca or Coccus Lacca).  Ew, bugs.  I’m allergic to the cochineal bug, too.  So, I looked into the Lac Beetle.  Guess what I found?  “Lac insects are most commonly seen on Wolfberry (Lycium)”.  The Wolfberry is a nightshade!!!  Wolfberries are in Viagra, too, so beware those of you thinking of using that.  Here’s what I found Shellac Wax on (after the anaphylactic shock set in) – pretty isn’t it?  grrrr

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