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What do I carry food in to work?


If you’re going to be bringing in food to work, it’s really great to have a portable cooler.  I use this one when I bring in a lot of little things:

It’s a MaxCold insulated pack by Igloo.  This one is great because it has straps on the back like a backpack and a handle on the top for just lugging around.  I can fit 3 ice blocks (they’re pretty thin), 2 of my insulated water bottles (sometimes a 3rd depending on how thirsty I am), plus a bottle of juice, a small container for my main dish, and various fruits and veggies.  Works really great.  I use it just about every day.  For those smaller days, I use a smaller one:

I can fit 2 of my water bottles, 3 ice blocks (they’re still thin), and a small-ish container along with a couple of veggies.

Be sure to get yourself some ice blocks, though, or else you’ll need to store the whole thing in the fridge as these won’t keep things cold all day without them.  I bring ice water to work, so that helps with keeping things cold.

Next, if you have some thick foods that you’ll need to reheat and don’t want your plastic containers to melt in the microwave (we have microwaves we can use at work) get yourself a “food jar” of some sort.  Here’s what mine kind of looks like except mine is all black:

If you’re regularly in a hurry in the morning, then be sure to get a container that is MICROWAVABLE.  That way, you can grab the food on your way out the door and not wait to reheat before you go.  Also, I DON’T recommend this container for actually keeping anything cold or warm for any long period of time.  If I reheat before I leave the house, it’s cold by lunch time and I need to reheat it again anyways.  I’m going to try to find a better one after the Holidays.

Where to find these things… well, I found both of these in the camping gear section at Target.

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