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What items do I keep in my drawer at work…?


Hi all!
Okay, now that we can’t eat out anymore, what will you need onhand at work for eating in?  Here’s what I have so far that seems to cover just about situation:

- Large paper plates
- Small paper plates
- Napkins or paper towels
- Sharp knife for cutting skins off of veggies and cutting fruits
- Knife sharpener
- Can opener, you might not need this, but I remember needing one for some reason, so I included it just in case.
- Box of baggies, I use the quart size
- A thing of moist wipes

NOT pictured (I forgot to include these in the photo):
- Salt and pepper shakers
- Plastic silverware in case you forget to bring some from home

I’m lucky at the moment in that I saved all those extra plastic silverware from when I would eat out all the time.  I have a big paper bag full of them.  So, it will take me a while to work my way through that.

The baggies are for when you grab something like a cucumber on your way out the door without slicing it first.  Once you get to work and slice off a few pieces, you then realize that you don’t have anything to put the rest in.  It’s great for lemons, too.  If you want to squeeze some lemon into your water, you slice it in half then, well… what do you do with the other half? 

The moist wipes come in super handy when you’re slicing fruit at your desk.  Gets pretty sticky and a paper towel isn’t gonna do it.  Our workplace has some really harsh soaps in the restroom, too, so I try to avoid that during the day if I can.  For food issues, that is.

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