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TIP: More food addiction and insanity… Chlorella


A while ago I was reading through Dr. Mercola’s website and also read the post by Ty about how Chlorella is a great supplement that helps with detox.  There wasn’t anything in it other than broken cell wall organic Chlorella powder.  So, I thought I would give it a try.  I started at a lower dose than recommended, but shortly after starting to use it, I started getting that food insanity that I’ve written about before.  I couldn’t think of anything but bad foods.  Things like jelly beans, chocolate bars, chocolate covered custard filled bizmarks, the spaghetti the other night.    I couldn’t sit still.  Thinking constantly of those foods and trying to keep my willpower at max.  I’ve been putting off going to buy more wild rice because the store I get it from has an awesome bakery in it and I KNOW I won’t be able to keep myself from getting bizmarks if I go.

Then it struck me the other day.  I also have this same reaction when I eat things with Carrageenan in it.  Carrageenan is a seaweed.  Chlorella is an algae.  So, I stopped using the Chlorella to see what would happen.  I’m MUCH better today.  Calmer, too.  I wonder what it is about those two things that drive me absolutely insane about food? 

I need to remember to add it to my spreadsheet of foods and symptoms.

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