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Seeing without light, hearing without sound


Some days I wish this was possible.  My light, sound, touch, and motion sensitivity has gone through the roof.  I can no longer tolerate any music and humming to myself is the worst.  I feel like those aliens on the movie Mars Attacks when they play a certain kind of music is makes their heads explode because of the vibrations.  Yup, that’s me!

I sit at work with my sunglasses on and a baseball cap on my head.  Not the greatest look for me, but I can’t tolerate the overhead lights.  I’ve been told it will get better with treatment.  Fingers crossed that it does because I’m annoying everyone with my constant “shhhh” or turning lights down or off.  My significant other calls me a mushroom because I like the dark so much.

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“Seeing without light, hearing without sound”

  1. On October 26th, 2012 at 7:25 pm Barbara K Says:

    garbanzo beans aka chickpeas are also nightshades!!! bummer!
    Get well soon,
    Thanks for your blog.

  2. On October 29th, 2012 at 9:39 am jenifer Says:

    Hi Bk! As far as I know, chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are not a nightshade. But if you have a link to a place documenting this, I’d love to take a look. Thanks! Jenifer

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