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Lyme community very supportive


Not sure if you’ve been following this… but a very talented Lyme pediatrician has been under attack by the medical board and has been costing this doctor thousands of dollars to stay in practice.  More here:

He was asking for mailed in donations and they finally go an online donation website set up.  The Lyme community donated and helped avoid the recent crisis he was in.  It amazes me how we can all pull together to help each other out.  A warm fuzzy to start the week on  :-)

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“Lyme community very supportive”

  1. On February 4th, 2013 at 4:14 pm Mike Says:

    There is a Lyme petition at the following address:

    The petition will only be up until 2/10/13, and we need 25,000 signatures for the White House to review and respond.

    This is the best chance for raising Lyme awareness I have seen, so please spread the word!

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