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Gathering people with Lyme disease together is impossible… lol


The face-to-face gather of my local Lyme Disease support group that I belong to has kind of fizzled out a bit and here’s why:

- The location (local library) keeps moving our day/time around.  Most of us are too addled to call every month to find out when it is.

- It would make sense to have one person call every week and notify the group.  Unfortunately, our symptoms flare up completely randomly and that person may completely go out of communication at any time.

- We’re too addled to come up with an alternative location that would be best for everyone in the group.

- We’re too full of anxiety over little things like whether there’s parking space? Will I have to parallel park?  Is it a scary neighborhood?  Things like that.

- We’re too fatigued so… how big is the parking lot because we can’t walk for long.

Our email message group is going well, though.  It’s too bad we can’t figure this out.  :-P

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