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Walking or flash mob for Lyme? Yeah, good luck with that.


Who in the world thinks “walk for Lyme” or “Flash Mob” is a good idea for a Lyme fundraiser?? Unless we have someone pushing us in wheelchairs, that’s not gonna happen.

The anxiety keeps us out of groups and from being around other people.  Most of us lost a lot of our friendships as well over the years, so our support groups are very small.

And the flash mob?  There would be no flash… it would be more like this:

- “I just got here, let me rest”
- “Okay, I’m working off my jacket to show my Lyme t-shirt”
- “hang on, almost there”
- “okay, done”
- “no, wait for me, I’m not quite ready yet!”

Just send me a link and I’ll donate.  lol

I don’t mean to say it wouldn’t work, but I don’t see it as something a person who actually has Lyme/TBI would be able to participate in very well.  Although, I don’t have any alternatives to suggest.  So, a small event is better than nothing  :-)

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