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Eliminating foods and how to do it without total meltdown


So I was talking in a message group with some people and someone asked if you should just cut all the offending foods out of your diet at once or one at a time. I suggested to pull things out slowly but not in the way people think.

Right now, all of your recipes are things your family likes and has been eating for a while.  Looking ahead to the “final” list of things you ideally want to eliminate, I bet you can hardly find any of those recipes you can eat anymore.

You’ll need to start finding new ones that don’t taste terrible.  It will be a lot of trial and error and you need to make sure you can still feed yourself and family when those failures hit.  If you try to do it all at once, all of that failure will be horribly depressing.  Plus, you’ll be going absolutely crazy because you’ll feel like you’re starving.  I’ve been there, it’s not pretty.  That’s when you grab your husband’s Krispy Kreme donuts and eat the whole lot of them. hahaha

Yes you would feel better cutting it all out cold turkey.  But, if you don’t have good substance to replace it, you may just fail and give up.

So, make your “final” list of things that you think you want to avoid.  Then start finding recipes and ways to live that way.

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