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Ode to eating pizza for dinner


My limbs start to get tired.
The cold sets in. Eventually so cold that I turn on my electric blanket to high even though it’s 65 degrees outside – my sweater is no longer keeping me warm.
Now getting so weak that my torso can no longer hold me upright.
I tip to my side on the couch.
Can no longer keep my eyes open.
My heart is pounding – I can feel it pounding in my chest and joints.
I fall into an uncontrollable sleep. I couldn’t stay awake if I tried. Glad I’m not driving or anywhere where people would see this happening.
I awake 1.5 hours later.
So hot now that it’s unbearable.
Finally get enough strength to slide the electric blanket off.
Heart is still pounding out of control.
So thirsty. I now have a bit more energy and can sit up and take my sweater off. I reach for my glass of water and gulp down what I can.
Set it down. Limbs too tired to do anything else yet.
I stare at the wall for a bit.
I get enough energy to grab my e-reader to read for a bit. I have enough energy to tap my finger to change the page.
Half an hour later, still too fatigued to do anything other than read and tap my finger. Tap… tap… tap…
Half an hour after that, still too weak to do anything but read. Wondering when I’ll have any energy at all and if I’ll get the strength to get up, walk up the stairs, and fall into bed.

“Ode to eating pizza for dinner”

If you stuck with this this far, you have now experienced what I do when I eat any restaurant food or pre-packaged foods. The fatigue (aka paralysis) can last for days depending on what I broke down and ate previously.

I can now only eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and fresh meats from the local health food store. (Not Whole Foods. I can’t afford that place). Luckily, I have a local co-op that carries almost completely all organic produce. I can tolerate organic olive oil, grey Celtic sea salt, and single organic spices with no additives.

I have many theories as to why pre-packaged foods are killing me but that doesn’t make this easier. I just really didn’t want to cook tonight. And my family was eating pizza. So, I broke down and had some. Still suffering for it, unfortunately. People ask how bad can it be? It’s not like an anaphylactic reaction. Well, be paralyzed for a while and risk losing your job every day.

To all of my chronically ill friends – I hear you. It’s not all in your head. Keep up the fight.

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