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What do you do when your significant other snores VERY LOUDLY?


If you have health issues, you’re probably not sleeping very soundly.  Then add on top of that a significant other that snores VERY LOUDLY, and you’re probably not sleeping well at all.  Here are the two most important things in my arsenal:

1.  I get the super soft Hearos ear plugs.  The SOFT ones, not the regular ones.  The regular ones I can’t smush small enough to get in my ears and, once they expand, my ears hurt after a while because they are too hard.  So, get the soft ones:

2.  Now that you have ear plugs in, can you hear your alarm clock in the morning?  I sure couldn’t.  So, I looked around and invested in one of these babies… it’s a clock that has an attachment that you slide under your mattress.  You can see it to the left of the clock itself, it connects to the clock by a wire.  It’s called the Sonic Boom alarm clock.  When the “alarm” goes off, it vibrates the bed.  Don’t worry, I have one of those super thick pillow top mattresses and I can still feel the darned thing.  Freaks me out sometimes, but gets me up.  You can choose to have it make a sound as well as vibrate, but I choose to just have vibrate.  It can flash, too.  I think it’s meant for deaf people to use.  I do wish the display wasn’t quite so bright, but I just turn the clock sideways and it’s all good.

I just sent away for Dr. Childers’ books


Well, I finally just sent away for the two books by Dr. Childers (

After I finish reading them, I’ll let you know how it turns out.  It took me a while to order them because I didn’t have either a stamp or an envelope.  He currently doesn’t have an electronic way of ordering them.