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Funny YouTube video about gluten free diets


If you’ve ever tried to follow a gluten free diet, you might find this video humorous  :-)

It’s called “One Grain More”.

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Sulfuric acid next to my new car???


So completely off-topic, but wanted to rant.  My significant other decided to fill his motorcycle battery in the garage with my car parked next to it.  And, of course, what happens?  It ends up pouring out on the floor and splashing my car!  I’ve only had it for 3 days!  GAH!

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OFF TOPIC: Look at all the snow we got on Saturday!


Okay, copletely off topic here, but I just had to show this.  Look at all the snow we got on Saturday!  sheesh!  This is my 8 year old daughter in front of the snow her Dad shoveled  from part of the driveway – and there is no hill underneath that pile anywhere.  I guess we’ll have a white Christmas this year, that’s for sure.

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